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High performance X-ray

Access Control System

High performance X-ray with non-destructive planarCT board inspection

phoenix microme|x neo and nanome|x neo

High resolution 160/180 kV micro- / nanofocus X-ray inspection systems with 3D CT option

The phoenix micromeIx neo and nanomeIx neo series combines high-resolution 2D X-ray technology and 3D CT in one system. Innovative and unique features and an extreme high positioning accuracy make both systems the effective and reliable solution for a wide spectrum of 2D and 3D offline inspection tasks: R&D, failure analysis, process and quality control. The phoenix|x-ray x|act technology offers easy to program CAD based µAXI ensuring automated inspection in the micrometer range. Another unique benefit is Waygate Technologies highly dynamic DXR flat panel detector with active cooling. Offering up to 30 frames per second, it provides outstanding brilliant live imaging and fast data acquisition for 3D CT.

Unique features

 Superior pixel resolution (85/100µm) new detectors more competent to semiconductors and
tiny electronics components inspection
 Ease of use: inspection report to be automatically generated after inspection
 x|act package for CAD based µAXI programming and automatic inspection
 diamond|window for up to 2 times faster data acquisition at the same high image quality level
 Optionally 3D computed tomography scans within 10 seconds


x|act – CAD based inspection:

high resolution µAXI for extremely high defect coverage

As a solution for µAXI with extremely high defect coverage, phoenix|x-ray provides its high precision systems micromeIx neo and nanomeIx neo including the unique x|act software package for fast and easy offline CAD programming. Its intuitive new GUI with improved* outstanding precision and repeatability, small views with resolutions of only a few micrometers, 360° rotation and oblique viewing up to 70° ensures meeting highest quality standards – even for inspection of components with a pitch of just 100 microns.
Besides automated inspection, x|act ensures an easy pad identification by its live CAD data overlay function even in manual inspection while FLASH! TM image optimization ensures high defect coverage.

Efficient CAD programming
x|act provides not only a minimal setup time compared with conventional view based AXI – once programmed, the inspection program is portable to all x|act compatible systems.

Your advantages
phoenix microme|x and nanome|x neo

Brilliant live inspection images due to high dynamic Waygate DXR digital detector array
 Unique high power 180 kV / 20 W micro- or nanofocus tube
for even high absorbing electronic samples
 Minimized setup time due to highly efficient automated CAD programming
 Live overlay of CAD and inspection results even in rotated oblique inspection views
 Extremely high defect coverage and repeatability
 Best detail detectability 0.5 µm or even 0.2 µm with nanofocus
 Optional FLASH!
TM image optimization technology
 Large 27” monitor for better defect identification
 Optional advanced failure analysis with high resolution 3D micro- or nanoCT® or
large board planarCT
 Optional 3D CT scans up to 10 seconds