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Welcome to Agrovision Ltd, your trusted partner for comprehensive security, power generation, communication, and sustainable water management solutions. Established in 2000, our journey began as suppliers of agricultural products—fertilizers and seeds—gradually evolving into a pioneering force in the realm of security solutions.

Our Feature

Evolution into Security Solutions

Our commitment to excellence led us to expand our horizons into cutting-edge security solutions. Today, Agrovision Ltd stands tall as a leading supplier of top-tier security equipment, earning the esteemed reputation of being the preferred supplier to the Tanzanian government.

Our Feature

We Help you Build and Grow Business

Security Solutions

Offering a diverse range including CCTV cameras,

 alarm systems, X-ray machines, and narcotics 

detection devices, ensuring unparalleled

safety and vigilance.

Power Generation Solutions

Providing sophisticated inspection equipment for

gas turbines, pipelines, power generation towers,

ensuring the efficiency and reliability

of power infrastructure.

Communication Solutions

Facilitating seamless two-way radio communication

and deploying robust radio communication

towers, connecting and empowering


Sustainable Water Management

Introducing innovative water smart prepaid

meters, revolutionizing water management

practices for a sustainable future.

Why Choose Agrovision Ltd?

We guarantee the highest standards of quality across our range of
solutions, sourced from globally recognized manufacturers.

Our distinction as a preferred supplier to the Tanzanian
government underscores our reliability and credibility.

Our distinction as a trusted supplier to key organizations in Tanzania
underscores our reliability and credibility in the market.

Our team comprises seasoned experts dedicated to offering
personalized advice and unparalleled support.

Our Mission

At Agrovision Ltd, our mission is to empower businesses and communities by delivering state of the art solutions that ensure safety, reliability, and sustainability. We strive to continually innovate, adapt, and collaborate with our clients and partners, providing bespoke solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Our Vision

Empowering Connectivity and Security for a Thriving East Africa: Innovating and Leading in Integrated Communication and Security Solutions for Sustainable Development.

Our Feature

Our Core Values


Continuously pioneering advanced solutions to meet evolving industry needs


Commitment to providing dependable and high-quality services and products.


Fostering partnerships and teamwork to achieve mutual success.


Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical business practices.


Prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering tailored solutions.


Promoting environmentally conscious practices and sustainable technologies.


Striving for excellence in all aspects of our operations and services.

Certified Expert

High-security smart sensors that reliably pinpoint cut or climb attempts to within.