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Access Control System

Access Control System


IDEMIA’s innovative biometric terminals guarantee approved individuals a frictionless access to secured areas. Whether used alone or in combination with contactless cards, standalone or IP-networked, indoor or outdoor, our biometric access solutions are designed to be modular. IDEMIA’s biometric time clocks provide accurate clock-in and clock-out records enabling organizations to increase workforce management efficiency


Providing highly secure access control solutions that can be used by everyone – to protect premises or the restricted areas of a building – is an increasing issue for many organizations. To meet that need, IDEMIA has developed the first access control terminal to combine finger vein and fingerprint biometrics in a single unit: MorphoAccess VP.


This advanced hybrid technology provides unrivalled accuracy and enhanced resistance to spoofing. The False Rejection Rate (FRR) of MorphoAccess VP is 10 times lower than the best rate obtained with finger vein or fingerprint data when processed alone. In addition, this multimodal reader is universal and easy-to-adopt: it is well suited to individuals who may experience difficulties with single-mode devices while offering the same ease of use as for fingerprints alone


Symmetry Access Control Systems are designed to suit every type and size of organization from small offices and colleges through to government agencies and multi-national corporations.

Symmetry Access Control allows you to decide who goes where and when while protecting critical areas throughout your organization. As the backbone of your security system, Symmetry provides an all-encompassing view of your security program, preparing you to make the right decisions and respond quickly. Proactively respond to threats, lockdown doors or buildings and implement pre-determined workflows so you’re always prepared.


Symmetry Access Control has stood the test of time securing organizations for over 40 years.


Symmetry Access Control can grow with your organization as needs change and expand, and operate with our complete Symmetry platform to mitigate risk, ensure compliance and reduce costs.


Authorize access to the right people at the right time, ensuring a safe environment for your employees, assets and buildings.