What do you mean by two-way radio?

A two-way radio is a radio that receives and transmits radio signals. A walkie talkie is what most people who aren’t in the industry would call the items we offer.


How far will my radio talk/transmit?

Well, that all depends, one portable ( hand- held) radio trying to speak directly to another will probably talk about 1 kilometer depending on terrain and weather. A mobile can talk 2 to 7 kilometers depending on the same variables. A system including a repeater can probably talk 5 to 15 kilometers.


What is a repeater?

A repeater is a device that takes radio signals ( for example your portable radio) and re-transmits it at higher power for extended coverage


What is the advantage of two way radios over mobile phones?

For safety, security, efficiency and financial reasons, two way radio is the single, most widely communications solutions. Not only is it a one time investment, you do not have to pay per minute cost, no hidden costs, no failure in network coverage


If I rent radios from you, do I need a frequency license?

No, the frequencies you will be operating on ( if they are not your own or one owned by a company you are renting for) will be digitally coded frequencies that are secured for your specific purpose and will not interfere with designated or “occupied” frequencies.


Will other people be able to hear what I say on the 2 way radio?

Maybe, while the radios you rent have privately coded frequencies, this does not mean that no one can pick up your transmissions. It does, however, mean that it is extremely unlikely you will hear anyone else.


When do the charges on my rental stop?

The rental fee is usually paid 3 months in + 1 month in advance for a contract term of 2 years. It stops the day you bring the radios back that is unless if they are broken then you will be liable for them.


Do you offer any discounts for a large quantity or long-term rentals?

Yes, if you are willing to commit to a larger quantity or a long-term rental, we will commit to improved pricing for you. Please call us with your particular need and we will do everything we can for you.


Do you provide after-sales support?

Indeed, we have a well-equipped modern workshop located at the office premises. Well-seasoned and qualified technicians who can tackle all types of communication equipments. We not only find solutions for equipment traded by our sales department but also those brought in by clients who sourced the equipments from somewhere else. Our workshop has a substantial stock of parts; hence a reasonable repair time is carried out.