KRAUTKRÄMER-USM 36 Universal portable ultrasonic flaw detector

A proven reliable and robust ultrasonic flaw detector performer

The Krautkrämer combines the 21st century operating platform with the reliable and robust hardware of Waygate Technologies’ well-established Krautkrämer portable flaw detection instruments. It incorporates a range of innovative features to ensure that this new instrument is adopted as the everyday workhorse of flaw detectors by NDT inspectors globally.

  1. Largest Viewable A-Scan Display in its Class: • An important improvement in the Krautkrämer USM 36 is its large 7 inch screen, with an 800×480 pixel resolution. The entire area is available to display crispy A-scans, making it the best in its class. Signals can be easily viewed and accurately interpreted, even in bright sunlight, with tired eyes at the end of a long working day.
  2. Simple and Efficient Operation: The Krautkrämer USM 36 uses the familiar rotary knobs of previous models but the function keys have now been minimized into a simple, intuitive 6-key keyboard, allowing simple and efficient operation • Inspection set-up is also easy. Not only for technicians who have used USM Go or USM Go+ for previous inspections, as set-up data is transferable directly from these instruments, which share the same user interface. This commonality of interface also ensures a rapid learning curve for technicians familiar with the USM Go instruments.
  3. Flexible Data Reporting and Storage: As well as easy-to-interpret the crispy A-scans, data reporting on the Krautkrämer USM 36 can also include screen shots and A-scan videos, where A-scans can be recorded for subsequent analysis or to provide proof
    of inspection. All data is stored on a removable SD-card and reports can be in jpeg or BMP format.
  4. Comprehensive Connectivity: Connectivity is a major feature of the Krautkrämer USM 36. Data can be stored on removable SD-card or USB memory stick, either for record purposes or to allow data sharing. A VGA connection allows the instrument’s display to be shown on an external monitor or on a projector screen for training purposes.
  5. Can be Used in the Harshest of Environments: • The Krautkrämer USM 36 is fully protected against dust and water ingress to IP66 and can be operated in ambient temperatures from -10°C to +55°C. It can be used in sandy deserts, frozen wastes and in the humid tropics. • The Krautkrämer USM 36 flaw detector weighs just 2.2 kg and is battery- or mains- operated. Its Li-ion battery has an operating life of more than 13 hours, with an integrated battery charger for those longer shifts.
  6. Available in Three Versions: The versatile instrument is offered in three versions to meet the most standard inspection codes. The most advanced version can operate in DAC, AWS and DGS modes, features a powerful square wave pulser for excellent
    material penetration and can accommodate Waygate Technologies patented trueDGS probe technology, which offers unrivalled accuracy in sizing of flaws using the DGS method, as well the patented Phantom Echo Detection technology.

The Krautkrämer USM 36 has been developed for day-to-day use throughout the industrial spectrum, from weld inspection and corrosion measurement in the power generation and petrochemical industries, to castings and forgings inspection and thickness
measurement in the automotive, metals and aerospace sectors to the inspection of special materials. Weld Inspection in the Power Generation and Petrochemical Industries Intuitive tools facilitate analysis and the use of color on the ultra-bright, 7 inch screen allows significant display benefits during weld inspection:
• Monitor gates and curves are displayed in various colors
• Messages and alarms are displayed in red
• A-scans can be displayed in different colors to assist comparison
• Color display of all parameters involved in flaw location, including sound path, surface distance, depth position and leg number
• Waygate Technologies’ patented color coded display of legs for angle beam inspection

Precise Thickness Measurement in the Automobile Industry .The Krautkrämer USM 36 provides precise thickness measurement, as the sound path differences are measured very accurately at the peaks of an echo sequence.

Corrosion Measurement in the Power Generation and Petrochemical Industries
Corrosion measurement can be carried out using dual element probes, where the screen displays both the nthickness measurement and the A-scan, ensuring maximum reliability. A minimum capture mode provides the thinnest measured reading at the end of a continuous scan. An auto-freeze function, which minimizes the probe’s surface contact time, is used for measuring structures and components with hot surfaces.

Inspection of Forgings
The instrument’s Phantom Echo Detection technology is used in the inspection of fine grained and long work pieces to ensure accurate detection of flaws but not Ghost Echoes.

Inspection of Special Materials
The powerful square wave pulser which is an available option for the Krautkrämer USM 36 provides excellent penetration of difficult materials, such as those sometimes used in the aerospace and automobile industries.


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