CCTV monitoring software



Video management

Escalating violence means organizations need actionable information in real-time to protect employees, staff and customers. When decisions need to be made quickly, situational awareness can mean the difference between life and death. Powerful video management aids in crisis planning and emergency preparedness. Scalable, flexible video management should operate on any device for ease of use, providing video at the touch of a button.


Incident & case management 

As the work day ebbs and flows, things happen. Light bulbs burn out, slip and falls occur and doors are propped open. Having a clear understanding of what is happening at your organization helps mitigate risk. Capturing the right data and establishing consistent workflows that align with company policies will help companies investigate and resolve incidents and improve the bottom line.


Command & Control

Security operators are not as efficient when having to jump between systems when responding to an alarm. They need to streamline their response time with automated workflows via a single window to increase efficiencies and make decisions quickly. Disparate systems flow into one system to provide real-time intelligence and achieve optimal command and control.

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