Mobile communications are the backbone of the new information-based society. We, as a comprehensive communication equipment manufacturer, are providing that society with leading edge technology in the form of land mobile, marine and airband radios, data communication devices and ham radios.
We will continue to contribute to society by providing the world with the most technologically advanced communications equipment to enhance the reliability of this backbone.

The world is in the midst of globalization. The social infrastructure supporting our daily lives is changing and with it, quick and precise methods of communication as well as highly reliable communication tools are becoming increasingly necessary.
Ever since the company was established, we, as a group of communication equipment specialists, have provided the global marketplace with the most technologically advanced products on the market. The products we create affect our daily lives and they are in use in public protection agencies such the police department, fire department, coast guard, disaster relief outfits and security companies as well as in commercial use such as in the construction and transportation industries. Through rampant usage in different facets of our lives, our products have earned a stellar reputation for high reliability.
This is the direct result of the company's resolve to challenge the limits of the latest technology and manufacture products with the ultimate in features and quality. In this world of dramatically increasing flows of information and forms of communication, we are constantly watching for new market trends. While focusing on our core competencies, we are aggressively investing in R&D and will never be satisfied with our past accomplishments. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. To achieve that we will continue providing our expertise as communication equipment specialists to the world in the form of outstanding products that anticipate market demands and surpass customer expectations.