About Us


AGROVISION LIMITED is a private company dealing in 2Way Radio Communication, Renewable Energy (including Solar equipment), Alarms and Security equipment (including CCTV Cameras and accessroies), Safety equipment and Marine equipment and Boat engines.  The firm was registered in 2003 under the direction of professionals of long experience and exposure.



AGROVISION LIMITED offers among others the following services:

  • Supply and Installation of 2Way VHF and HF Radio
  • Supply and Installation of Alarms and Security equipment – including CCTV cameras
  • Supply of Safety and Camping equipment
  • Supply of Boat Engines and other marine equipment – including Marine 2Way VHF and HF Radios and Radars



AGROVISION started in 2003 as a small family shop dealing in Agricultural inputs such as Agrochemicals, pesticides herbicides and fungicides for small scale Farmers around Dar es Salaam.  As our services became popular we also started catering for upcountry Farmers who also were seeking solutions on communication on their medium and large scale farms.  We offered our clients Amateur Radios and Batteries to start with and later improvised into Professional 2Way HF and VHF Radios.  We also in the process offered after sales services by establishing a small workshop.

Due to expansion of our business we completely turned our business from Agrobase to communication equipment; and in the process moved to a bigger premise were we also established a modern showroom and a larger well equipped modern workshop and simultaneously recruited more staff in our attempt to cater well to our customers.  AGROVISION is proud to state that so far we have satiated the old customers and as well as new ones.

AGROVISION also made a diversification by adding to the business line some new products such as Security Alarms and CCTV Cameras, Safety Equipment for outdoor goers including camping and outboard engines for boats.  In the process, we opened up a Branch in Zanzibar in order to cater for a growing clientele on the Isles.