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When it comes to choosing the right wholesale supplier for your business, you can count on Agrovision for quality products at affordable prices. We offer a wide selection of goods to individuals or businesses, and are located right in the greater Dar es salaam region. Contact us to see what we’ve got in store for you today.

About us

AGROVISION LIMITED is a private company dealing in 2Way Radio Communication, Renewable Energy (including Solar equipment), Alarms and Security equipment (including CCTV Cameras and accessroies), Baggage x-ray machines, Safety equipments and Marine equipment and Boat engines. The firm was registered in 2003 under the direction of professionals of long experience and exposure.

AGENT: AGROVISION have presence in:

Miami Florida, USA, where M/s. COMPUVISION Inc. have been special business consultant in terms of Sourcing out products and also in capacity of financing. Alton, Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM where Barrett Europe are our business partner. Nanshan Shenzhen, PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA, where Easycom Industrial Limited is a branch office of AGROVISION, sourcing out different products from China, Korea and Taiwan.

Making Your Life Safer

We carry different type of communication equipment, from world-renowned manufacturers of which we have a legal country represantation in Tanzania. These equipments are of different types such as HF, VHF, Air band, Marine, Analogue and Digital, and also Military Standard Radios. We also carry GPS and Navigational equipments surveillance equipments such as CCTV, binoculars and mobile DVR

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